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Roami (was iTunes Remote-o-Matic)
Remote control iTunes via your iPhone or iPod Touch. Now you can control iTunes from anywhere in your house. Or, punch a hole in your firewall and drive your pets crazy while you're at work.

Use Roami to view and select playlists, play/pause music, shuffle selections, and adjust the volume of iTunes running on your Mac. You'll no longer need to run back to you Mac to adjust the music.. just press a button on your iPhone or iPod Touch. No software is loaded on your iPhone; it's all done through Safari.

Download v1.1.0 [3.6 MB] . Only works on Macs right now. Free to try for 14 days. $9.95 to enjoy forever.

Instructions & FAQ

See Roami

And, if you want music everywhere in your house, consider using Apple's Airport Express product to set up speakers in other rooms. Airport express uses your home's Wifi connection to beam music from your Mac to speakers anywhere in your home. Combined with Roami, you'll have a really economical whole-house audio set up. Click here to learn more about Airport Express and/or purchase Apple's Airport Express

Vicarious fun for minutes! View photographs from based on keywords (tags) or a random sampling of interesting

Works on most Java-enabled phones with MIDP 2.0 support.


Phone: Open this page from your phone's browser. Click here to  download to your phone. Off you go!

Computer: Click here to download to your computer. Transfer the file  funPhotos.jar to your phone via Bluetooth, USB, or IR. You know the rest of the drill.


Choose a keyword. For example, let's check out hawaii today.

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