0. How does it work? Does it hack my iPhone?

Roami doesn't hack your iPhone. You use Safari on your iPhone to communicate with a small program which is installed on your Mac. The program on your Mac acts as a mini web server that controls iTunes for you.

1. Question: How do I install it?

- Download the file, then open it. It'll create a file "roami.dmg" in the same folder where you downloaded Roami.
- Open "roami.dmg". A disk icon will appear your desktop. Open that disk icon and then open the file "roami-pkg". An installation program will then lead you through the installation process on your Mac. After installation, you'll find Roami in your Applications folder. Start Roami and it'll tell you what URL to open on your iPhone.

2. Question: I've installed Roami but my iPhone can't connect!.

If you have enabled your Mac's local Firewall (turned on/off via your Mac's preferences window), you'll need to configure your Firewall to allow your iPhone to access Roami. See the document here to configure your Firewall.

3. Question: I tried step #1, above, and it still doesn't work. Help!

This happens sometimes if you have multiple network connections on your Mac. You'll need to find the other network addresses manually: Open the application "Network Utility" which is in the "Utilities" folder within the "Applications" folder. Select a different Network interface (e.g., en1) and try the listed IP address if it isn't . e.g., if the IP address is shown, enter the following URL on your iPhone:

4. Question: I've just purchased Roami and it still says it's an evaluation copy. What gives?

Quit and re-start Roami. If that doesn't work, please contact us; there seems to be an intermittent problem with Paypal that we're working on.

5. Question: I've purchased Roami. Where's the serial #?

No serial number is necessary. If you need to re-install Roami on the same computer at a later date, it will automatically re-register itself.

6. Can I browse and choose songs within a playlist?

Not at the moment. We're working on it!

7. Roami starts up, but no Internet address is displayed.

Check to make sure your machine isn't in "Stealth" mode. You can turn off Stealth mode by opening the "Security" Preferences Panel, then clicking the "Advanced" button. Depending on your networking set-up, you might also need to add the ".local" domain to your searchpath. See Apple's article here.